Friday, April 23, 2010

A homemade gift for my Mom

My Mom's whole house is done with an outdoor theme. She would rather be outdoors than anywhere else. She loves to garden and go fishing. If the sun is out so is she. Well that's not true because if its overcast she will be outside. It doesn't really matter the season as long as its not storming she will be outside. When it comes to buying her gifts its not hard at all. She likes perfume, jewelry, cookbooks, and everything most women do. However if you want to give her something she is going to make it. So over the years I have made her a gifts here and there. A couple of weeks ago I was at a craft store and they had a papermache/cardboard heart ( I am not sure exactly what it was made of) that was on clearance for just a quarter. I bought it not knowing at the time what I would do with it. Till last week. I decided to try and paint my mom something. I had never done birds before but that is what I settled on. I make the same mistake with everything I make my mom. I tell her I am making her something before I get it done...and she is like a kid that you just told you got her a surprise. She drove me nuts for 2 days till I got it finished then she swooped it away. Where it now hangs in her house somewhere. I barely got it finished and got to take a picture before she pounced. Painting really relaxes me and I learn a little more every time I would love to one day take a class and get really good. Till then my Mom still loved it mistakes and all! I will be linking up to the following. Click the links so that you can check out other creations.

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Candi said...

That's beautiful! At first I thought you bought it until I realized you MADE IT!!! My momma is the same way...and I too always tell her before I have it ready and she keeps asking for it...oh well, we love them that way :)

Tamarynn Leigh said... definitely have a gift!! That is beautiful! I can't believe you painted that yourself!!!

Thanks for linking up!

avisiontoremember said...

That looks great! Thanks for linking up to check me out saturday

Al said...

This is a great gift, you are talented

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I am impressed!!! Thanks for linking up!!

Kaysi said...

Great idea!!

mylittlegems said...

Hi Cas- you won my Hungry Girl Cookbook give-a-way! Please contact me- via comment or contact info at the top of my blog! Congrats!