Monday, February 15, 2010

I figured out what a seam ripper was for!

So this weekend was my niece's birthday party. My sister actually drove in from out of town to throw the party so it could be with family. She lives in North Carolina and we don't get to see each other a whole lot. A few times a year really at most. When my nephew was born 9 years ago (wow time really goes fast) she lived basically next door so we seen each other all the time. I got to watch my nephew grow up. It makes me really sad that I don't get to see my niece like that. Anyways it was never set in stone a certain date that she would be coming so I slowly just started gathering stuff that I would put together a gift bag for her birthday. Thats my favorite thing to do for kids. I don't like to give them one big gift I like to give them several smaller gifts. I had already gotten a few things together but needed a few more...So on Friday night I got inspiration for what I wanted. My timing is always off so wouldn't you know it that it was snowing and looking pretty ugly out there...for North Georgia snow tends to set off a panic...What I mean by that is that you can't get a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk without a fight. I have never understood that either because if it snows and your trapped in a gallon of milk won't last long unless you can keep it cold...because a good rainstorm around here knocks the power out so if you just say "SNOW" the power goes off. I know you can put it outside and all but the first thing I think of if I know I won't have power is...cans of soup or snacky junk food...because worse comes to worse you can heat a can of soup in a stoneware mug over a candle least it worked for me. (Drastic times called for drastic measures when your 13 and dramatic on top of it all) So here it was Friday night snowing and the party was Saturday afternoon. I get in my car and head to hobby lobby and buy some fabric. Then I head over to Walmart and buy a T-shirt. I came home and did lots of research online. I used a tutorial on ~Ruffles and Stuff~ . and I was able to make this.

I will be honest. It did not take me the 15 minutes it took her it took me 5 hours. I will tell you why though. I don't know what I am I have never sewed on jersey for one and I have never used a zigzag stitch.... I have never measured fabric for a specific size and cut it out. I finally figured out what a seam ripper was for...especially since I had to use it and rip out every stitch I had done more than once. One of the times I had to do that was because I did not sew the rightsides together... So when I flipped it out the tag was on the outside and in front. It was a learning experience. I know now more about sewing than I did. I learn more everytime I make something. I am slowly but surely losing my fear of sewing. When I finally got it done and got it finished I felt on top of the world. I have never felt like that after a craft. I think it was because this was something I had to work at... I mean really work. I had to figure out how to set my machine and then I had to thread and re-thread it everytime I messed up. I had to use the seam ripper and take out all my mistakes. I am not saying that all my other crafting times I have not had to work at...I do I work on all my crafts but I usually am able to master most of them quickly. Sewing is a whole new ball game for me. I also think it made me feel so good because I did not give up when it got really difficult. I could have put it down and said I will do this later...then I may or may not have ever finished it. I didn't do that though I told myself over and over..."you can do this you can figure this out"...and I did do it and I did figure it out. I thought that after that initial burst of happiness with the dress I would never feel that satisfaction again at least until the next project...but I was so wrong. It doubled when I saw this.

She played in it all evening and then she had to sleep in it because she loved it so much...Now I can't wait for my next project!

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Disney said...

That is too cute!! I love it in blue. I'm sorry you had such a hard time with it, but I totally understand. Some days it seems like everything that could possibly go wrong with a project does! But yay for you, for sticking with it! She looks adorable :o)

Cas said...

It probably would have came together faster if one time I didn't sew the wrong sides together and I had had my zigzag stitch set up correctly in the first place. Next time I know it will go faster because I will know what I am doing!

Helena said...

Aw, this turned out so cute! I love Ruffles and Stuff, but until I have kids, I'm just filing away the ideas. Nice job!

Thank you for linking to a Little Craft Therapy with Life in the Pitts.

Charlene said...

You did a great job for a first time jersey sewer. That stuff is sometimes difficult to work with.

Keep up the working with your sewing machine - I bet it will become an obsession before long. :)

Tonya said...

VERY CUTE! Great job!!!

Andrea @ said...

I've had many a project need the seam ripper too many times. It turned out great though! If you are interested, stop on by for my Thursday carnival called Make it, Wear it!

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

Ahhhhhh, the joys of sewing! I have used my seam ripper many many times too! It is all part of the trade! But the dress turned out great and you learned something so it is a success! : )

Cas said...

I agree it turned out cute and I did learn alot...I think this was a very good project. I would recommend it to anyone because it is so would never know I made all those mistakes.

Sandy said...

I had to laugh at your title.. seam ripper.. you did a wonderful job! My mom always said "every project must have a 'mistake', it's good luck"
Old English proverb....


Cas said...

Well good then. I make a mistake on almost least I know it means something positive!

Juliana said...

It looks adorable and she looks adorable in it!!!

I am getting such great ideas from all you ladies. I am really into crafts...but since I grew my mini me I have not had as much time, no excuses, I need to get back to it!

I am your newest follower. Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog. COme and and follow back if you would like. I love meeting other bloggers!

Cas said...

Thanks Jewels. I myself have not been quite as crafty/cooky/bloggy as I could have been...I am pregnant right now so my motivation is a little lagging. I am trying though! Once I make something it fires me up to make more...maybe it will do the same for you!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

That is just so sweet! I am still having a hard time with sewing projects, but I've improved due to the whole "don't quit" in the middle of a pattern. :) Thanks so much for linking to the party!


Carole said...

How precious! Keep working at sewing - it does get easier.

Sumo @ Sumo's Sweet Stuff said...

The title of your post made me laugh! I'm a beginner sewer, too, and I just know this is going to be me one of these days! Way to hang in there and get it done - it is absolutely adorable!

Thanks for linking up!


BLJ Graves Studio said...

Absolutely adorable! You did a great job. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you stuck with it because it turned out absolutely darling!! I've been sewing for years, and it DOES get easier, but I've done more than my share of seam ripping. ;)
Thanks so much for linking up this cute project!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Super cute dress (and little girl). I read your "about me" and am impressed by what you said! I'm glad for your unexpected turns and defying the odds! Thanks for linking it up to for Whatever Goes Wednesday!!!

Jen @ said...

Very very cute project. And she looks so good in it! GOod for you for sticking it out -- it is adorable!

Thanks for linking this up. I love it!


Sinful Southern Sweets said...

Girl, this is cute stuff! You should be proud of yourself. I want to learn to sew, I just can't seem to find any time. Maybe one day..
Have a great weekend!