Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It always happens.

When I make a plan mayhem usually follows. Remember that goal of cooking and eating at home...well today I got shot down...not only did I get shot down I crashed and burned in a mighty way....my sugar came crashing down and I had a angry tired toddler who just added to the flames. I took my son H to his 1 year well check. The same well check that the Dr's office has re-scheduled on me twice now. I was optimistic..another goal for 2010..I want to see the glass half full instead of the normal way I see it...because to be honest I usually am the one to see the glass is half empty or in a dramatic panic its all the way empty. So I went in there thinking we will be in and out. I packed my son a bottle/sippy, snacks, and toys. He is not the most patient of people....I will be honest he got that from me...he is also a tad dramatic...that's totally from me too. However I thought I was prepared. I wasn't. The place was packed standing room only. We spent 3 hours in that doctors office. We all limped out. I felt like I had just fought a war. Between the bully in the waiting room kicking H's toys around and pushing H down and me chasing him for two hours around the waiting room. To the 1 hr in the actual examining room and H screaming the entire time because it was too hot and he was uncomfortable. He had played with all his toys ate all his snacks and drank his bottle/sippy....needless to say it was 3 hours of Hades. Did I mention he got two shots and a thing stuck down his throat to test for strep? Which was negative by the way. When we finally made it out the door and were in site of the car I felt like I had climbed a mountain, survived a tornado, and ran a marathon. All of the sudden my sugar bottomed out. I got the shakes, dizzy and sick to my stomach. I crawled in the passenger seat while my husband buckled the screaming H in. At this point he was screaming from hunger, pain, exhaustion and pure drama. My husband took one look at me and drove straight to a take out place. I gave in. I had no more fight in me. It was a good 45+ mins home in bumper to bumper traffic and I knew I wouldn't make it. Now I feel totally guilt ridden. I ate take out. We spent money that we didn't have to. However I am more determined than ever to make this goal and not eat out. In the middle of eating my husband looked at me and said " I know that look I am going to enjoy this because I doubt we will eat out again for a long time". He is so absolutely right it makes me more determined than ever...So the roast is done and cooling. I will put it in a container and let every one know if my experiment with the recipe worked tomorrow. I am off for now to go sterilize myself and my son from lord only knows what germs we picked up at that office. I am looking on the bright side....tomorrows dinner is mostly done!