Monday, January 25, 2010

Krispy Kreme Deal

You will probably be seeing a few posts coming up with good deals I am finding. I bought a book wrote by Coupon Mom and have been learning alot. Seriously I recommend this book and I am so excited to get started.

Have you ever heard of Krispy Kreme? We had a date night on Saturday and I did not get to go to the restaurant I wanted because there was an hour wait...a whole hour here people. I just could not see waiting that long even if it was for the best Italian place around. So we ended up going to a place that didn't have really anything I wanted. I doggie bagged over half my plate. My husband knew I didn't really enjoy the meaty place he picked because I am still not eating alot of meat. So he took me for a doughnut. I walked in that place and got a whiff and a few minutes later we walked out with a full dozen....I have never in my life bought 12 doughnuts. Usually just a couple maybe 6 max. I am never buying 12 doughnuts at one time again either...because between the hubs, H and I we have ate them all except one...and I feel totally guilty..not really they were great and I haven't really ate any junk food this entire time...unless you count the new chocolate Cheerios...I did eat a box of those in a week..anyways back to the deal. Right now if you buy a dozen doughnuts at Krispy Kreme you get 12 free Valentines. Now I know your thinking so what Valentines? Here is where the deal comes in....each valentine gets you a free doughnut. Which I think is perfect. They have no expiration date and the hubs and I can stop in occasionally and get a free doughnut each and get a doughnut fix...without the temptation of 9 more waiting when we finish them. It also kinda works out that you basically get a dozen doughnuts free....which is a pretty sweet deal...pun intended.