Thursday, March 18, 2010

Five Question Friday

My Little Life

1. Have you ever had a celeb sighting? Yes a few. When I had leukemia and was in the hospital a few celebs would come through. I got to meet Big Boss Man a wrestler who has now passed away. I got to meet the catcher from the Atlanta Braves Jave Lopez. I was actually on the Sally Jesse Rapheal show when I was 18...a show with a theme about kids with I met the "STAR" of that show....and a few other minor celebs..

2. What temperature do you keep your house? 68

3. Do you notice dust at other peoples homes? no...I am so not that kind of chick if I come to see you its to see you I am not judging your house promise!

4. What's the worst job you ever had? I managed 2 photography studios when I was 20. Sales went up everything was going great. Then my district manager came and said that her boss did not like that she had left 2 major stores in the hands of a "child" and that she was going to have to move me down to head photographer. The lady they brought in was 7 years older than me I had to train her and she never could get the responsibility down. I still had to do all the managerial duties because she would come in hung over or not come in at all...even after I told my district manager and she had proof of how lacking her skills were (several customers called corporate and complained about her and she cut off the heads of children in 6 different photo parent will pay for a picture of a headless child) I was told to continue to make sure that the shops ran correclty and did I mention that I got a huge pay cut when they dropped me down....after 4 months with no vacation days...working 7 days a week in 2 different cities and not making enough to barely pay for gas to drive...I finally got a day off. I took off out of town with some friends just for the night. I left my cell phone and beeper at home (both of those I might add were my personal property) When I came in on my the Thursday ( mind you I had just had Wednesday off my district manager was waiting...she rimmed me out because the "manager" ruined a whole roll of film when she changed the film without putting the black out bag over the camera....and the manager could not reach me to ask a question on what to do...I walked out...before I said or did something that got the better of me.....the only thing that kept me going as long as I did was my coworkers and my love of photography. (don't judge my photography skills by what you see on here...I do not have a great camera...considering how many times its been dropped and how old it is and it is not a portrait studio setting...not to mention for some reason I can photograph the living with no problem but photographing still life just isn't my forte)

5. What is your most sentimental possession? I have a sick quilt...Its a quilt I have had for many many many years...its the quilt I used when I had cancer...I took it with me on my long hospital only comfort sick and so far away from I only use it when I am really sick and I am quite protective of it...Its very old and fragile...I have had it since I was 12.


Bridgette said...

Great post! Good thing that awful job didn't steal a love of photography from you. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Candi said...

Jobs like that make you a stronger, better person! But it's tough when others don't appreciate your skills...