Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This weekend I had a horrible stomach bug so I didn't do any cooking (or eating) My stomach still feels kinda iffy so I am going to take it slow about what I make. We did go grocery shopping earlier today (almost killed me I am not fully recovered) and loaded up on fresh strawberries, grapes, Fuji apples, bananas and cantaloupe from Sam's Club. As always for more great ideas head over to the Organizing Junkie for more ideas and links

Breakfast for the toddler and I will be: Yogurt with berries, Scrambled eggs with Cinnamon Raisin Toast, Banana Bread, Oatmeal. We will just choose from the menu based on what I feel like or what he asks for. The hubs always takes yogurt and a breakfast bar or oatmeal...he is a creature of habit and eats the same thing everyday. Plus he won't eat when he first wakes up so he has to have something he can eat at work on the go.

Lunches for the toddler and I: Soup, Turkey and Cheese Sand. Baked Chips, Fruit or left overs. Again that is a whatever we feel like at the time menu to choose from.

Now for Suppers

Monday- Turkey and Cheese Heroes, Baked Chips, Fresh fruit

Tuesday- Herb Chicken and Gravy, Stuffing, and Green beans

Wed- Cinnamon Rolls, Scrambled Cheese Eggs, Bacon and Fresh Fruit

Thursday- Enchiladas, Steamed Veggies, Fresh Fruit

Friday- Pizza, Veggies, and fresh fruit

Saturday- Sloppy Joes, Spicy Fries, Fresh Fruit

Sunday- Slow cooker Pork, Mashed Potatoes, Carrots, Rolls and Fruit


Sandra said...

Hope you are feeling better soon...but your menu sounds great! Thanks for stopping by. Sandra