Friday, March 26, 2010

Where have I been?

Where have I been? Well I have been baking....a human. Or you could say that I have been getting crafty...because I am making a human. In the past week I think the nesting urge kicked in. I have cleaned and organized my heart out....well not my heart out but I did over do it and had a few contractions. I still don't feel like its I have tried to rest today so that I can get back to it this weekend. I have also cooked alot! Just this week I have made a wonderful pineapple upside down cake. I totally messed up my normal recipe and left out the wet ingredients in the cake. I have to blame it on prego brain because I had to stop what I was doing to get my toddler down for the nap when I got back I forgot the water the cake called for and I just whipped it up and poured it on top of the caramel and pineapple in the bottom of the cake pan. I realized as it was half way through baking that I had forgot something but by then there was no way to correct it. The result was almost like a blondie on top of a pineapple caramel sauce. My husband loved it so much he ate half the pan in 1 day....and he doesn't usually care for sweets. As a matter of fact this will be the first dessert that I haven't had to give away to make sure it didn't go to waste. He finished the rest of the cake the second I have tried out a new chili recipe that as type is in the fridge just waiting to be put in the crock pot to simmer tomorrow. I also finally perfected chicken fried chicken which my husband dug into with gusto tonight. I made a double batch of biscuits and froze some for later. I have made my son jello Easter egg jigglers....that he gobbled up and giggled while he did Made a junkie dinner of chili dogs and onion rings. Cooked up a big pot of potato ham soup that was loved by the grown ups but the toddler hated. In the works for this weekend I plan on making another cake of some sort or cookies. I may also try to make either lasagna, stuffed shells or lasagna rolls....whatever I come up with. On the crafty end of things I am currently cutting out squares to make my son a rag quilt that will be 4 foot X 4 foot. I also have a artwork idea I really want to try to get to. So hopefully I will have a productive weekend and will have lots of things to post about next week. I know that I am only 27 weeks pregnant but since I measure already 34 weeks pregnant I am in the uncomfortable stage. So my back has been hurting alot and I have to constantly change position...which roughly translates to gotta go Internet this giant baby is breaking my back...and the office chair is apparently trying to help him do it!


Daenel T. said...

Congrats on the new one. Take it easy and get plenty of rest. Enjoy your weekend.

Candi said...

Take it easy girl! You are doing a ton of stuff! The pineapple "blondie" sounds delish, you need to post the "recipe". Get some rest!